Billiard Slate

Billiard Slate for Snooker Pool Table, Class A Jiujiang Slate for International Snooker Game, Billiards Professional Pool Table

Slateofchina Stone Ltd supply the best Chinese quality slate.We have price advantage by owning quarry and factory, the low production cost of rural area keeps our products very competitive. We strictly have producing and testing assure the horizontal playing surface of our slate, the accurate hole-distance and the cutting of the pockets. 1) sizes: 12ft 3658X1867X45mm 12'X6'1-1/2"X1-3/4"(5PCS) 12ft 3658X1867X38mm 12'X6' 1-1/2"X1-1/2"(5PCS) 11ft 3300X1700X38mm (5PCS) 10ft 3048X1562X38mm 10'X5'1-1/2"X1-1/2" (5PCS) 10ft 3048X1524X38mm 10'X5'X1-1/2" (5PCS) 2)with bolt and nut 3)weight : 12ft-45mm; 850kgs/sets 12ft-38mm; 710kgs/sets 11ft-38mm; 600kgs/sets 10ft-38mm; 500kgs/sets 4)packing; wooden crates 12ft-45mm; 2sets per crate 12ft-38mm; 3sets per crate 11ft-38mm; 3sets per crate 10ft-38mm; 3sets per crate

Billiard slate Pool slate and Snooker slate are acknowedged as one of the finest quality in the world.

The main reason that players choose slate bed pool tables is the quality, uniformity, and consistency that it offers. Every shot you play will be smooth and exactly as you play it.

The ball won’t deviate from its line and you will get a longer run on the balls. 

Standard Specification(mm): 

12 feet (3658x1867x45) 5pcs / set 

12 feet (3658x1867x40) 5pcs / set
12 feet (3658x1867x25) 5pcs / set
11 feet (3300x1700x40) 5pcs/ set
11 feet (3300x1700x25) 5pcs / set
10 feet (3048x1564x40) 5pcs / set
10 feet (3048x1564x25) 5pcs / set

10 feet (3022x1600x50) 3pcs / set

9 feet (2718x1410x40)5pcs / set
9 feet (2718x1410x25) 5pcs / set
9 feet (2718x1448x25) 5pcs / set
8 feet (2640x1360x25) 3pc
s / set
8 feet(2413x1295x22) 1pcs / set
7ft (2160x1168x25) 5pcs / set
7 ft (2160x1168x25) 1pcs /set
or other

Specifications can be made according to you too.

Appearance of pocket: Pock of cone

Backing: without or with backing (particleboard / MDF / plywood / hardwood)

Quality Guarantee:

During the whole production process, from raw material choosing, cutting, finishing to packing, Our QC will strictly inspect each piece and control each process to ensure quality standards and timely delivery.

Professional Processings:

1, Abundant experienced labor could assure us to get the intact quarry blocks.

2, Automaticall controlled sawing machine and grinding machines to assure the slab keep leveled on all sides along with the thickness kept within 0.15mm.

3, High-level technology drilling machine with adjustable diamond stone can cut 18rail bolt holes&6 pockets at one time and then 12 countersunk holes for once.

Export Packing: Wooden package, suitable for long-distance delivery.

M. O. Q.: 20'GP

Trade terms: FOB Jiujiang

Payment Terms: 30% T/T as deposit and balance be paid off by T/T before shipment.

Applications: Billiard table, Snooker table, and others expected.

Features: More Smoothly.

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